Lindum Medical Practice

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Medical education

We are a training practice and you may be offered an appointment with a GP registrar. These doctors are fully qualified will have had experience in several hospital specialties. They are completing their specialist training as a GP.

We also teach medical students and sometimes you may be asked to see the doctor or nurse with a student present. You will always be asked beforehand if this is acceptable and you may ask for the student to withdraw if you prefer to have your consultation in private.

Foundation doctors

The Foundation Programme is a two year period of supervised clinical practice for qualified doctors. It is the period of training between someone completing a medical degree and going on to higher training in a medical speciality. The foundation programme consists of a series of clinical posts that are put together to ensure that Foundation Doctors gain relevant skills and experience. Most doctors in their second year of foundation training (F2) have a post in General Practice. The post allows the F2 doctor to follow patients through the entire patient experience, from the presentation of acute and chronic illness, through to investigation, diagnosis and management. All F2 doctors have completed a medical degree and 12 months of clinical experience.

We currently have two Foundation Doctors that you can book appointments with:

Dr Zhi Kan
Dr Deepisha Patel

As part of the Training the doctors video some of their consultations. You would always be informed by the Receptionist if this should happen in an appointment that you have booked and consent from you would be sought, however, if you do not wish to take part in this training please inform the Receptionist at the time of checking in. No examinations will be recorded.

Final year medical students

We also have 5th year medical students who come to the practice for a period of a month who are able to see patients.