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We are a research Practice and if you meet the criteria for a particular study you may be invited to take part.  Participation in research is entirely voluntary but can help to improve the future care of patients.


Do you want to help researchers understand more about attitudes towards #COVID19 vaccine research in the East Midlands? Take this short survey and let researchers know what you think! #bepartofresearch @nihrcrneastmids @bmehealthem @uniofleicester

It’s important that all people have the opportunity to take part in #COVID19 vaccine research. Can you spend a few minutes to answer a survey about your attitudes towards vaccine research? #bepartofresearch @nihrcrneastmids @bmehealthem @uniofleicester

Our partners @nihrcrneastmids @bmehealthem are looking to explore attitudes towards #COVID19 research in the East Midlands – can you help? Take 10 minutes to #bepartofresearch and to develop vaccine trials that work for everyone here:

Do you have 10 minutes to spare? Help #COVID19 researchers in the East Midlands out by taking this quick online survey about your attitude towards vaccine research here: #bepartofresearch @nihrcrneastmids @bmehealthem @uniofleicester

It’s vital that people from all backgrounds are involved in #COVID19 vaccine research in the East Midlands. What do you think about taking part in vaccine research? Let researchers know: #bepartofresearch @nihrcrneastmids @bmehealthem @uniofleicester

ICTA Survey

If you are interested in taking part in the ICTA survey please follow this link for more information: